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Quarantine Kids

Picture book, Roaming Pen Press

Hardcover, 36 pages

eBook, 32 pages

Elia really wants to see her friends, but school's still closed. Even worse, the playground and zoo are also off limits because the germs might be using them. Mom coaxes Elia into creating an indoor adventure, but quickly learns that Elia’s energetic imagination, animal menagerie, and a virtual work meeting do not all fit in one apartment.


Sent out to play on the balcony, Elia is certain that nothing fun will happen, until she discovers that sometimes a 3-2-1 blast-off adventure is only a balcony away.

Quarantine Kids book cover

Kirkus Reviews

"Harder’s enjoyable story will be relatable to young readers in similar predicaments. Elia is a resourceful protagonist whose spirit and inventive ideas will surely inspire the audience. Regan’s delightful, cartoonish illustrations depict a diverse cast and vivid scenes in the characters’ imaginations...


An engaging tale that emphasizes the importance of creativity and strong connections during a pandemic."

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