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Quarantine Kids is Launched!

Last week, we celebrated a huge milestone. I received the call from the freight company, letting me know that our first shipment of Quarantine Kids had arrived and was available for pickup! Soon after that, we unboxed our first copies on the balcony where it all began.

Mother and son display picture books and stacks of boxes of additional copies.
What fun to hold the first copies!

It is so exciting to hold and touch the book in physical form!

This project has officially entered another stage: marketing and distribution. We are getting copies shipped out to pre-orders and set up online at Amazon.

One of our tools to get people excited about the book is the creation of a book trailer. Like a movie trailer, a book trailer gives a sneak peek inside the book. Using a blend of animated material, original illustrations, and a captivating script, the book trailer is meant to be a hook, leaving the viewer wanting to see and read more.

Since this is a self-published project where I own the rights to the illustrations, was able to play with and modify illustrations to suit my book trailer needs. This ease of use would not have been available to me if I did not hold the illustration rights. In a larger publishing house, the marketing team would work on a project like this, but I'm a one-stop shop!



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